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You need to originally go west through the tunnel, and if you are unfriendly you will die. The suggestion to go to Darkshore, swim to Moonglade territory, drown, and res at the Spirit Guide in Moonglade is pretty much your only option as a lower level toon unless you have someone who's willing to wipe out the tunnel for you. I've been trying to turn this quest in for the last hour and a half, and finally called on my 70 to help me through the tunnel. As I wait for him to meet me in Darkshore, I am typing this out, hoping you will learn from my mistake.

Good luck, and may your blades never dull. Comentario de patrikman I am lvl 70 Tauren Shaman and I am traveling trough the world to see all the areas in Azeroth so I went to Moonglade. The furbolgs in tunnel atatcked me, but with lvl 70 nothing happens. Comentario de shamytwinks im sorry i have never been here lol how do i get here? Comentario de itsnotbarry Of course you can just do 1 quest and increase rep with the Timbermaw and walk freely into Moonglade You can swim from Darkshore into Moonglade territory check the minimap title , drown yourself, res inside Moonglade, meet the Keeper end of Seed of Life Quest from Maraudon , get your flight path, run the gauntlet of Timbermaw Hold, you only need to protect yourself enough that you can run far enough inside until the area becomes Felwood!

Check out the screenshot progression for a visual summary.

Claro de Luna Joyería | Tienda en Línea

Comentario de Seersha As my hunter I just ran through Timbermaw Hold and did a feign death and ice slick every so often. It was pretty easy. Comentario de SaxxonPike They should really add a reagent vendor here. Comentario de thomaster93 As for Meliann, I have a question: Comentario de hunterowns LOL Hehee Comentario de Morendhil Even leap years.

Comentario de RedwoodElf One creepy thing about Moonglade But there are NO herbalism nodes. Not one. Apparently, only useless plants grow in Moonglade.

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Comentario de EbonKnight wat skills and forms? Comentario de Psyblade1st Possible to unlock the zone by the Lunar Festival event. Comentario de moonwarlock It is really easy to unlock the zone for the archief. So, for those who don't like add-ons and don't have the coordinates add-on, the Horde FP is on the left side of the road from Felwood into Moonglade.

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Comentario de jimmerb Entrance to Moonglade can be found at For druid, after the quest Heeding the Call you'll get the spell Teleport: You need 50lvl to get through or gain enough rep Flight masters are: Comentario de vocation If you're looking for a mailbox you really should stop looking, because there is no mailbox in Moonglade. Guess what? Comentario de Seac Interesting possible lore note: Along the bottom of the lake, in various spots, are small doodads that look somewhat like woven pillars.

They have a red glow effect around them. I don't know if these are related to the druids or if they have something to do with Omen, the Lunar event NPC that is "sleeping" below the lake. Comentario de lepetitcaporal I went to moonglade as a lvl 46 human warrior to turn in The Seed of Life. I was going to turn it in with a guildie who was slightly ahead of me by going through the tunnel. He had been killed a couple of times, but luckily for us, when i got there he had 2 lvl 60s helping with him. We got through fine after that. I would simply recommend if you are lower than lvl 50, get the help of a higher level person.

It shouldn't be too hard to find a nice person willing to help you. Comentario de shurikhan2 Mostly used by Druids. Came here as a level 11, to learn bear form, i think other forms are learnt here too.

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It is a forestal area with little, if any, mobs to train on. Do not recommend it for training, even though itis a quest spot, especially for druids. Comentario de Cantras I loved this place to level fishing. But, if you're leveling fishing and you'd like to get fish worth more than the SW canals trash-fish or Orgrimmar fishing, whatever , consider it. Comentario de VeeZazz Got through as a 43 rogue with a desperate combination of stealth, lifeblood, evasion, and sprint, plus one strategic death and one accidental one.

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Comentario de pingpong javascript: Comentario de pingpong http: Comentario de Toyoka When looking at the Kalimdor map, there seems to be a thin strip of land attached to the north part of Moonglade. My question is; what do you think will be there in the future?

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Perhaps an entrance to the Emerald Dream? Or maybe a new quest hub concerning Mount Hyjal? Several questions yet to be answered. Comentario de Modavated I got into moonglade via drowning in the zone and resurrecting at the spirit healer. And used the directions from here to find the Alliance Flightpath. Although when I talked to either two of the flightmasters, they both say: I don't really think I'll be needing to get into there, I just had to finish the seed of life quest.

But at least I know I can drown to get there: Comentario de zingmars I cannot even. Comentario de supabilly29 peacefullest place in azeroth. Comentario de Zhed It's not the most peaceful anymore with the Lunar festival going on. Horde and Alliance are ganking each other outside of the outposts and even in front of the level 65 guards PvP servers I'll probably get marked down for this but I was with a rogue guildie and I was hiding behind a tree on the road to Nighthaven and he was stealthed in the middle of the road.

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Any oncoming players he would sap and I would jump out and start dps'ing. It was like being highway men. Comentario de Joona I found this as a easy way: Bring a few Waterwalking Elixirs. Go to Darnassus 3. Go to the purple portal to get to the south beach 4. Begin your ride to Darkshore try to check the fastest way, Fatigue hit me once 6.

Go north and find Moonglade part of the map 7. Kill yourself 8. Comentario de Lukfru Killing furbolgs in Timbermaw hold will result a reputation loss with Timbermaw Hold , which might make getting The Diplomat Horde The Diplomat achievement more annoying.

That's why it actually might be hard getting a person willing to help you i surely wouldn't. Comentario de darklunarangel Well, since I am a draenei apparently I have "unfriendly" with the Cenarion Circle. Pretty sure no one but me will have this problem though Comentario de rykuzo i dont know if its due to the pre cata event but when i was last here there where large packs about 10 or so of nighthaven defenders roaming the town.

Comentario de Darvon Heres a tip: Have a friend with a Motorcycle and knows his way around the tunnels, with enough drivers experience, he or she can easily navigate a low level through the furblog cavern. Comentario de Kunzler Now you can just flight there. Comentario de Trialzero something i don't think anyone else has mentioned yet Comentario de Bozkada If you're horde and low level, you probably won't have any connections from the moonglade flight point. This is easy to fix. The Everlook flight point in Winterspring is easy to get, even for low levels.

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